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Is it Dangerous to Drive with a Cracked Windshield?

Date: February 25th, 2021

A cracked windshield on a vehicle
The short TL;DR answer is: Yes, it can be dangerous. It’s best not to drive with a damaged windshield.

Of course, the longer answer dives into the “why” and the nuances of car window cracks, windshield chips, and general auto glass damage. So, read on if you’re truly curious. Otherwise, just get your windshield crack repaired or replace the glass – it’s the safest option.

5 Reasons Why You Should Fix a Windshield Crack ASAP

While a small crack or chip in your windshield – did you know they’re called “windscreens” in England? — isn’t necessarily dangerous, they can lead to bigger problems if left untreated. You should get auto glass repairs done right away for several reasons.

1. Weakened Structure

The windshield of your vehicle isn’t just designed to protect you from the wind; the purpose of a windshield is to keep you safe from debris, like the pebble that chipped it, to begin with. When your window is visibly cracked, that means the internal structure and layered, tempered glass is already compromised, which could reduce the entire windshield’s effectiveness at protecting you from that debris.

Think of it as a small crack in a bowl. It’s not leaking. You can’t put a fingernail in it. In fact, it’s barely visible. But the more abuse the bowl takes – heat, a spoon falling into it, a few cycles in the dishwasher – the more likely that crack will grow, until the bowl finally says good-bye to this cruel, cruel world, and you’re forced to toss it in the trash.

The same applies to auto glass damage. One crack can spell disaster if you’re unlucky enough, and lead to a completely broken windshield.

2. Poor Visibility

Spiderwebbing windshields are a big no-no for drivers. The only thing keeping it together is laminate, in most cases, but the main problem with big windshield cracks like this is simply visibility. If you can’t see clearly out the window, you shouldn’t be behind the wheel. Call a tow truck to your local autobody shop for windshield crack repair.

3. Weather

Changes in temperature will have an impact on window glass cracks, too – especially cold weather like we get here in Denver. As temperatures drop, the glass will contract, and cracks will attempt to spread. When temps hit 32 degrees or below, windshield cracks are 60% more likely to grow, and when you hit 0 degrees, all bets are off.

4. Insurance

If your windshield crack has been documented in some way – for instance, by a photo on social media or a written record at your service center after a routine oil change – and you then get into a crash, your or the other driver’s insurance company may be able to find it and withhold insurance payouts. You may even be deemed at-fault for the crash, even if you weren’t.

It’s also not smart to hold off on getting windshield chip, crack, and hail damage repairs, as most auto insurance companies will cover those auto glass services. Ask your insurance agent about your options.

5. Warranty

An unfixed windshield crack can also void your vehicle warranty if the warrantied components failed as a result of the auto glass damage. This is rare, but the service technicians and auto body specialists at our Centennial collision center have seen stranger things.

Can You Repair Windshield Cracks and Chips?

Small windshield chips are usually repairable, though that depends on the size, shape, and depth of the chip. The “windshield chip repair kits” you find online can do in a pinch, but they usually aren’t great options if the glass damage is within your line of sight. It’s better to have a professional perform the repair. (If you need rock chip repair near Denver, contact our auto body shop in Centennial.)

What about cracks in your windshield? Can those be fixed or are you up You-Know-What Creek without a paddle?

The latter, unfortunately, is more likely. Windshield cracks usually require a complete replacement of the glass. However, windshield replacement isn’t terribly expensive; the average cost to change a windshield is between $200-$400, though that price will change based on your location, vehicle, and product availability. (Remember to always get a quote to replace your vehicle’s windshield before choosing an auto glass repair facility.)

Does that answer your question?

If you’ve got a car window crack or damaged windshield in Denver, visit or call Holman Honda Centennial to request a tow to our Centennial body shop. We will gladly give you a quote and fix your chip or replace your window.

Our Centennial Honda dealership serves the entire region, including Denver, Littleton, Aurora, and Parker, CO. Contact us at (720) 636-7000 to speak with a specialist or schedule a service appointment online.

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